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Chris Corona

The first ever to survive a large laceration on the neck and continue to rap while tossing his blood everywhere. Bravo! Bravo!

Bruce Banner

There’s blood in the video.

Logic: Good... thanks

Alexis Veal

Oooooo, weeeeee logic lookin like he stole my heart and broke it twice. He get some meat on him or is it just me 😍🔥

Anthony Metcraft

at the end it looks like he want to pass out

Kamizzy Andrews

Alll Credit goes to u logic ure album is amazing Nd this song just hit me to my heart

Dhruv passi

Logic bro...keep doin wat u love cuz v love u for dat

Massimo Evola

You got a cut on ur neck if you didn’t know

Giroud Sandstorm

First rapper man titties that says he works out

Ecchi Phantom

Why he snap like that doe expect nun less ig


Logics music always makes me so emotional this is why I love his music and I can feel the vibes the music is giving off and best of all I can understand what’s he saying


I kno its prolly jus a prop gun but the bullet that came out when he cocked back the gun makes it a heavyy scene

Shrek 420 dank memer

logic: dying lets finish up so I can go to the hospital

Hunga̶ry Beatz

I wish depression doesn't kill you bro!!

EsTine Kings

So imma just ignore the cut and blood and enjoy the track
What’s that I should dial 911
Nah mehn it’s logic
We good
It’s confession of a dangerous mind

Alexander Bencivenga

one of your lyric are where should I go" I think you should go to the hospital. just saying

AXZ 96

This song is probably one of my favourites from Logic. rather, this IS my favourite of his... the song that brought me to him was Young Sinatra of course, then I seen his older shit, I went back to his Psychological shit too, damn good level of progression. Then BOOM, UNDER PRESSURE. Fucking love this guys rap and that video for the Under Pressure song specifically, Gold. so~ Payday 2 like.


I wonder if Yoongi/Suga from BTS listens to Logic. Because both are rappers with FEELS lyrics, dayum, hit me right on the FEELS

isaiah suero

Toonami. This should be the music t.o.m. should listen to also RIP grumpy cat