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so catching melancholy. So gorgeous. Deeply caught, deeply.

Marcelo RP

5:15 — 6:20 — Never surrender. Keep trying and then succeed. Divenire!

Carlos Barroso Tena

Soy amante de la musica en general, y posiblemente la música clásica es la que menos escucho... Pero aun así, no puedo entender como 3,1 mil personas, han dicho que no les gusta esta canción... es simplemente PRECIOSA...GRACIAS, LUDOVICO EINAUDI por esta creación...


What’s not to appreciate, this song saw me through relapse and recovery. Over and over again. I listen to it and see my life flash before my eyes. Only to find the name divinere means “to become” or becoming. A beautiful symmetry.

Fijin Mohammed

For Mallus out here... Brace Yourselves, you already heard it 🤣🤣 Copy sunder🤣

Giuseppe RSA

Veramente un Maestro assoluto... An absolute Master

Mary Chandarana

We always meet someone for a reason...and mine was to be introduced to this fantastic man and his music...It's helped me through pregnancy, the birth of my baby and anytime life is shit. If more people listened to this ...the world would be a happier place.


I don’t know anything about music, I don’t know how I got here and I don’t know what’s going on.

Aihan Hou

ludovico bravisimo!spero qiu yikai diventa come te

Michael Marrs

I'm accepting this exceptional presentation on behalf of my son who passed away at 0710 hrs 10 years ago today. Thank you. Pauls Dad.

Dauren Sabdenov

Божественно просто великолепно спасибо автору

Kevin Kelley

Our Ben Kelley has you in his list of favorites. I also have you in my list. Your music speaks to my soul and connects me to our late BEN Kelley. Our soul aches, but I find solace in your music and soul. Know that you have helped me me through the hardest times I thank you with all of of my heart.


Just noticed, you could hear him humming the song at 5:34! Such an inspiration...

anon Thorboy

This music exalts my soul. This is not music this is divinity. I know because it makes me divine.


Ludovico am Klavier; Garrett an der Geige, Sax am Saxophon; das wäre ein Träumchen!!!! ☝🏼😍 Kann man die nicht mal zusammen bringen??

Angel Fuentes

It is one of the best songs in the world.

Ella K.

Piano music and a orchestra put so much into words...it says so much