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Frits van Zanten

Solid MDF seems a contradiction to me 😉


Your production quality is very good. You deserve more subs!


Thanks for sharing my comment, Woody!

If your still interested in Wavestation EX sounds you find them on the following tracks:

Revolt (Chords and digi arp)
New Synth (Intro and choir)
Love song 2 (All instruments except drums)
None (Bass arp, backwards bass arp and bells)


PS: Will soon post a demo track featuring my custom wavestation EX patches.

Daniel Fletcher of D.S. (a swedish synthpop / synthrock group)

The Spectator

Nice review m8 🙂 Keep on the good work 🙂

Anders Lund Olsen
I use the CME UF80 WiDi, radio MIDI. The keys are nice and heavy hammer action and you have a lot of control options both with sliders, dials and build in "Shift"-"key"-"number (1-128)" combinations. I can even select voices from my PLG150DX plugin boards inside my Yamaha MU128 v2. by setting MSB-bank and a voice-number. You will probably dislike the complexity of all the options and the minimal manual. AKAI Advance 61 (VIP3.1 + a bundle of fantastic AIR synths) ) The keys on AKAI Advance61 are unpleasant "hard spring" "dead"-motion. The worst I can imagine. The yamaha MX49 (free… Read more »

(2:12) "Maybe I'm a weirdo." Yes, you are Woody but, really, what good is a musician who's not at least a little bit of a weirdo. Don't worry, you fall into the "normal weirdo" range. I won't reveal my test results! LOL I'd love to see you demo the Native Instruments controller with the Electric Sunburst plugin. Btw, I bought that plugin based on your brilliant demo. Cheers, Cliff

Wilderness Music

4 zoned MIDI splits on this keyboard...wow...good construction and keybed feel as well as playability...worth every penny of the $400.00 I would venture to say. I already own a Yamaha P95 I use as a weighted controller, but would like to know about M-audio 88 semi weighted key and 49/61 key controllers with 5pinMIDI connections. Hope you get these synth action ones to review.


Great follow up — thanks for the mention Woody

simon collings

Hi woody, any chance you could review the Yamaha tyros 5

Russell Szabados

Good point about the relative appropriateness of a flashing red mod wheel. If I'm doing a gig of standards, that might stick out and look kind of weird!

Peter Walker

Interestingly the Oxygen 88 GHA also has the holes for the music stand but doesn't come with one, or at least mine didn't.
You are right, not having one is more of a PITA than most would expect. I suppose I'll bodge something up with some stainless 3/16th rod for music and an iPad.

Arkadiusz Rozmus
Native Instruments keyboards are great, not the best value for your money though. I like Studiologic a lot — it's basically a brand of Fatar, they realized their keyboards are used everywhere (think Korg, Nord) so why couldn't they make MIDI controllers as well. I managed to grab an old beast, the Studiologic SL-880 for $220 used. They're going very cheap these days because they either have no USB or the USB drivers stopped working during the transition from XP to 7 (and 64-bit). MIDI over DIN still works a treat with those though, and you have that in most audio… Read more »
Shafaitul Islam

hi how do i transposition in this midi


I'm looking for a midi keyboard which also I can practice piano on. Would you recommend this?

Frits van Zanten

Interesting video, but a bit sterile without any note played (is that because of the Lumix malfunction?). Criticizing the sharp key edges with octaves becomes livelier imho when you play them for real, as is the music stand with a book on it (the stand wás in the box, wasn't it?)

Frits van Zanten

I just looked up the price and now I wonder, how does the hammer action compare to 'complete' digital piano's like a Casio M360 or a Yamaha P-45?

Federico Lopez

Hi! thanks for your videos. I have a Yamaha P45 but I need a (slim) controller with weighted keys. I am considering either the Hammer 88 or the SL88, do you have recommendations? Would I notice any major difference in the response of keybed from my Yamaha? I am a beginner but I am learning fast. Thanks for your response!

Andre Venter
Got mine about a week ago, I am so impressed, it's bit on the heavy side for travel but the touch and built quality is superb. Using the Hammer 88 with mainstage so I kept it's velocity curve linear in the editor and setup the velocity within Mainstage to my liking for individual instruments. BTW it fits perfectly into Roland — CB-88RL bag as it's the same size as a Roland 300NX. The mod and pitch wheels are very smooth. Tested with Pianoteq6 demo, oh my, this took the Hammer-88 to the next level but this software is bit expensive so… Read more »
This might very well be good to play on for someone coming from non-hammer, non-Fatar semiweighted action keyboards. If you like weighted action or Fatar, this is probably not what you want instead. The key action seems very much lighter than the Kawai ES-110 I got after many tests and comparisons, which is about the lightest proper piano key action digital piano. It's only 130 EUR dearer, has been an inspiring joy to use, and is as compact depth wise and actually less long (cos of the, deplorable in my view, lack of mod/pitch wheels). Yamaha P-45 is actually 90… Read more »
Jonathan Gimeno

Hi! If you were to buy between Hammer 88 and studiologic sl88 studio what would you take? Thanks!!

Niclas Florentin

Love my SL88 Studio. Best action for buck in my opinion. Sure theirs Roland and Kawai controllers with better action but not near in the same price range.


I'm agree with you about this keyboard and i invite you to have a look inside https://youtu.be/1m9XzpQU-I8


Da F? The sharp corners of keys... Instant fail?

Stephanie Guilmenot

You seriously tried to call yourself reviewing a key board you did not play. This was pathetic.


i love my hammer but in gods name can someone please show me how the hell i assign the buttons to transpose the keyboard in semitones. i have all drivers and the software but cant find any tutorial anywhere that makes any sense of how to make this change. i want semitone increments on those button not an entire octave. m-audio should have made this a bit easier. can anyone help me with this please because im pulling my fucking hair out. any instruction from you guys would be very appreciated

Bernard Spielburg

This video is a complete waste of time. Move along.

Jake Tanner

Woody, I just received my Hammer88 and it’s fantastic. Keys are definitely noisy, but the response is insane. I do want to mention that my keys are smoothly rounded on the edge. Nothing that remotely resembles anything sharp. They’re quite comfortable and I have rather large hands.