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JerZboy Beats

Xpand2 is my best kept secret. Plenty of patches and Velvet is a Rhodes. I got the Nektar GX61 and I love how it feels. The older Maudio does feel better.

Caritas Hominum

Hey John, nice unboxing and comparison as always! Thank you very much! I'm considering buying M-Audio Keystation 61 MK3 or maybe the Komplete Kontrol A61. I know that Keystation 61 has semi-weighted keys and they may feel a little different than those on Keystation 49, but if you were comparing this M-Audio and the A61, what would you choose?

Claude Richards

Can I get one of your old midi keys controller plz I really want one I don't have the cash to buy it ?


Do you still have the same set up at your church it's been a long time since we have seen your latest set up. But I like your video I always look out for your videos. 👍

Grégory BOVE

Hi ^^ Great video thanks !
I hesitate between the keystation 49 mk2 and mk3 (I want to learn piano, for music producing) and, except the "physical" difference (you say you prefer the "touch" of the mk2 but maybe it changed) I didn't get the real difference between the two (except 10-15$). Do you have more answer to that ? Thanks 🙂

Tyrone Cunningham

Thanks for your honest review. I just purchased this keyboard; it was a pick between either this or the Korg 37. The free software swayed me 😀. Pro Tools alone is worth buying this keyboard controller for.


Great review. Do you know what's the difference between Mk2 49 and Mk2 49es?

Corner Canada

Just ordered the MK3 this morning and after watching your video I feel I made the right decision, cuz I was thinking between Nektar Gx49 and this one


Could you plug in and play them next with with a midi logger on? My keystation 2 has a relatively tight velocity range, and I was hoping key 3 would have a wider range, but no way to tell without buying one and sending it back if I don't like it.

Jakub D

Does anybody know what ES stands for in that name of the keys on top?

Catim Uhmes

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nice and useful review, thanks for it from poland.

Scott  Rogge

Thank U for everything u do. I just got an Mk3. Keystation 61 and guess what? No midi from either 5-pin or USB+midi outputs. I heard they were working on a software fix. But, (& it's a big one!) There's an eerie silence about this, a stonewall on the support line. No reviews on it's midi usefulness, and it's been out since August. What do you make of this?

globetrotterdk globetrotterdk

No expert by any means, but I believe that the M-Audio Keystation 49es that you are comparing with the M-Audio Keystation 49 mk3 is the equivalent of an M-Audio Keystation 49 mk1. Even your Amazon link to an M-Audio Keystation 49 mk2 doesn't show a keyboard labeled "M-Audio Keystation 49es", which makes me wonder what you are actually comparing. I am considering purchasing an M-Audio Keystation and it makes a difference as to what you are comparing to an M-Audio Keystation mk3, when you are talking about key quality...

JGS Music

Dude... You do realize that the MK2 and the ES are completely different right? The ES models are always smaller and made way cheaper than the regular mk models. So you were actually comparing the MK3 to the ES that came out a couple years ago. The actual MK2 you will not find anywhere because they stopped making them cause they were way better and way bigger


A very helpfull review, thanks a lot for this!

Thanks for doing this, I was looking everywhere to find some concrete information on what the actual difference is between the MK2 and MK3. To me it seems like the control wheels are better on the MK2 — a bit more resistance I think makes them easier to control — and though I like the look of the chunkier keys because it's more like the 88 which I have, the noise of them is putting me off. There's not a great deal of difference price-wise (seems like you can pick up an MK2 on eBay for about £10-15 less so I'm not… Read more »

Which one is better:
M-Audio Keystation 61MK3 or Nektar Impact LX61+???

Martin Beats

never heard the word girth in piano review, hehe . good vid . keep it up. 03:58