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John Mike

This is definitely one of the best semi-weighted midi boards I’ve put my hands on in a while!

Guru Charan

Bro help i bought oxygen 61 and not know how to use it please help just want to use it as a regular normal piano which makes sound while we press the key, please make a tutorial or tell me what to do step by step


Man please help, i bought the 61 iv and i just wanna play it in my room live, i tried fl keys but its not accurate the sound, please help i just want to play it like a regular piano

Robin Vinith

This video is missing from your playlist

Mattias Andersson

hey, does the auto mapping work on logic pro x?


Hi Sir Mike question. Can I use a nonpowered USB Hub and put an iPad charger together with the m aduio 29 and the iPad? Can It will power the m audio and charge the ipad? Also can we assign the knobs to mk sensation?

theblackjack channel

Very good video!!!
I have a question.
Does this keyboard come with transpose buttons?
Also on Amazon i read that the software included are pro tools (m audio edition), ableton live light, xpand, eighty eight ensemble, Eleven lite, twist and
VIP 3.0.
Is It true?


Thanks for the video. which one has a better feel of the keys (noise, action...) Nektar impact lx88+, (61) or M-Audio Oxygen 61 MKIV the one in this video. Thank you

Alfredo Paris

Totally different Oxygen is a synth action Keystation is similar to a piano action!

Joseph Bullock

I had the 61 key version and I hated it and ended up selling it to guitar center.I liked the knobs and ableton live lite but it felt plasticity and felt really stiff to me.I prefer my keystation for synth and organ stuff and I use Yamaha mo xf as a controller as well

Shereal McNeal

Very Good Video! I have the M-Audio Key studio 61 keys. I was looking into buying another M-Audio and the Oxygen looks very intriguing. Would you say this is your best M-Audio Keyboard series?

renaldo melendez

Can you test the velocity for Pianos sound?