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Another Monster Productions

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I'm testing out FLEX by making a simple beat. Hope you like the video. If you want to get the beta version there's a link in the description. Also, time stamps below
Some info about FLEX — 0:27
Exploring some features of FLEX — 1:11
Laying down a melody — 3:43
Laying down some drums — 5:20
Laying down an 808 — 7:00
Closing thoughts — 8:50

Jasper Menken

never knew I needed IDM trap in my life


imma un-install nexus right away XD!!
it has all the things where nexus lags.
Great work david !!

Venerate Studios

Awesome! This man can make a beat with anything! You should release the beat as a fun giveaway!

Justin Daniel

Nice! I think I saw an ad for this the other day. Love the content as always

Particle Farm

This plugin looks sick. Btw the "reduce" slider reduces the sample rate of the audio. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcrusher