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No Cap

Where did you get the stand for your Komplete Kontrol mk2

Mattias Holmgren
1 year with the Maschine MK3 and here is my review and thoughts.In this episode I take you through the Maschine Mk3 hardware. First we talk about the actual construction and then I go through one of the tracks I produced called — Marsiascope.https://spoti.fi/2Q9flk9I walk you through some of the sounds used in the track and a bit how they were created and how I used scenes and Lock Mode to make the transitions.I've produced plenty of tracks with it during this past year and some you can hear on my Spotify channel.JOIN MY CREATIVE COMMUNITY Get tips, tricks, songs, samples,… Read more »
Trae McCombs

Love the post! Make sure you hop on the sub-reddit's ( /r/maschine )'s Discord server 😉 . https://discord.gg/hCDGaXJ If you have other videos you can post up there as well. Folks will enjoy watching them as I have/do.


Do you use it somehow together with Bitwig? I use Maschine for years (mk3 and JAM), and now i bought Bitwig. Still exploring the best way to have a good workflow with the two of them. Any tips?

Mattias Holmgren

What do you think about the Maschine? Do you find it useful and intuitive? What do you think about this review? Should I make more brief reviews like this? Throw me any questions!


Thanks, Sir!
Good ideas and explantions.
I'm using but I did not work with more than one scene yet.
After this I Will learn Lock Mode.
Interesting thing!!

Lifted Noise

Has this thing been out a year already. If I was a computer guy I'd definitely go with this setup. Thanks for the video!


Yes, I think is still worth it! Have used it for almost a year now and it's definitely a keeper! Nice video! BOOM! 👊

Mattias Holmgren

New Merchandise released, go grab a nice t-shirt, hoodie or why not a cup?


Excellent video! I currently have the Mk2 Mikro. I mainly got it as I wanted to have a device to practice finger drums with, however I haven't been able to pry my way into using it for its other features. All of the tutorials I've looked into mostly just show the primary Maschine & the latest Mk3, but not much for Mikro (though haven't checked lately). I wonder if it's time to upgrade.

Experi Metalfan

the Maschine MK3 is the best piece of studio material I've bought in years. I (still) love it! Native Instruments did a damn good job with this device.

Mattias Holmgren

1 year with the Maschine MK3 and here is my review and thoughts. In this episode I take you through the Maschine Mk3 hardware. First we talk about the actual construction & inputs, then the Maschine mk3 pads performance. Lastly I go through one of the chill tracks I produced with the Maschine mk3 called — Marsiascope. Get the Maschine Mk3 — Affiliate link: ☀https://amzn.to/2DI10Fg


I’m ordering it tomorrow!

I’ve been working double shifts for 4 weeks just to buy it for Christmas! 🎄

gary burrows

it's a great audio / midi interface on it's own for other DAW's , well worth 700 CAD, plus all the sound , samples , and presets , not too keen on the sequencer . i still prefer reason for that , cant wait to upgrade to reason 10 so i can use it as a vst within reason


Nice vid!..have this one!
Buy a Maschine Jam for Live with Mk3 it´s a good idea?

Fallic Alec

You don't actually tell us how you get your samples or sequences into the maschine — this tutorial may be great for the techies but for beginners it's not good — sorry!


i own an mk2 and a studio. i use them both but really dont need the mk2. i will definitely put the mk3 to use when i get one. particularly the interface for live sets


German engineering. 🙂 Great device, I'm going to get one this month, pretty excited about it!

Laidback Sounds

The time they will do a linear sequencing it will worth it, i dont like their way to build songs with scenes

To be honest there is one huge problem with Maschine (all units) = Software. It's not a DAW, ok I get it. But is too limited to create track just in Maschine. Too stiff. Just patterns, deal with it. But it should integrate with DAW easily. And it does not. It is cumbersome, time consuming, difficult and simply boring. What is worst, NI really do not care. Instead writing some scripts for each DAW, at least create templates for major DAWs, so you could use template with all connections done, or do anything instead leaving us with pure MIDI routing.… Read more »
Benoit Peeters

Hi Mattias! I'm keyboard player and I bought a KS61 Mk2 last year... doing fine with it and Ableton. I was thinking about going crazy and build a NI "Studio"... I mean, get a Mashine Mk3 and a Traktor S4 Mk3... The idea is to build up songs and mix them live... Totally in NI ecosystem. What do you think about it?

I don't know yet if it is a good idea... Since I've heard Mashine isnt best controller for Ableton... Maybe I should go Push2 instead? Well... As music producer you maybe can give me your insight!


I want to buy one but I'm a bit confused.
Do I need a computer to make it sound,or I can just plug my monitor into it and start playing?
Thanks a lot