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johnny allen

What’s is he using to sequence the synth??

Bb dd

This channel is so great.
Learned so much about gear from videos like this one


I sincerely love all your content but so far those series are my favourites <3<3<3 I already said that but with you people feel so confident and relax, you must be very nice, clever and professional !!

Mauro Almeida

Great content and video production! ❤️

Matthew Young

Mathew Jonson always comes up with the best sequences when demoing synths


That ringing square sound from the SH era is something else entirely. Can't really be done with other synths.

Leozebios Thor

Definitely my favorite reviewer on youtube! #Legend


i'm pretty sured that everything mathew touched becomes magic and it's just normal af to him and he didn't realize that!


The early Roland’s are killer percussion sequence machines: Random S&H LFO noise source with their ultra tight and fast envelopes...f’ing heaven.

Falcito Elektronik Musik

Great video thank's Mathew and Electronic Beats!

Alex Ball

Always enjoy Mathew's demos. Just very natural and informative.

Don't own an SH-5 but have recorded with one and it was a lot of fun.

Matthias Wurm

classic example of how limited old analog synths are :/


What an excellent synth run-through video! Nice sequences too. The coat is inside out, it´s super distracting.

Paul Johnson

Wonderful! Bleeptastic absurdity and beautiful tones.

NTRSN Official

Always a big show with high price instruments . if you are good you make music with a playtoy casio . all the rest is snobish


The triggered accent effect is dope

Techno 4Ravers

has Mr. Jhonson got Marionette from this Synth?


Synth is great but sequences are the thing here.

Fraser Simpson

this sequence is so enjoyable to listen to for the duration of the video. thanks mat!

Ismael Serrano

Aaaand... this is a good way to take a brilliant Roland SH5 bassline --> https://soundcloud.com/ethan-poe/mathew-jonson-synth-favs-roland-sh5. Free download!