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Thank you for the video. In case others, like me, are wondering about the features/specs of this chip: https://www.digikey.com/en/product-highlight/a/atmel/sam-d21-microcontroller-series

calzar onezerozeroone

This looks sick. I love the pedal teardowns,

Richard T

“PCB as you can see”... seems the start of a Weird Al tune 😉

Jim Wagner

Are the squares on your mat 1cm or 0.5"? That's a tiny pedal!
Those screws are self-tapping; the cut exposes a sharp edge that cuts threads in soft materials like plastic or the zinc alloy used in those little metal boxes. They're great if you're a manufacturer, since you don't have to have a separate thread-tapping operation. But for consumers you will cut new threads every time you put them in if you're not careful. I replace them with normal screws when possible to keep that from happening.

Erik Vincent

I was actually betting on an stm32 when I saw the 2×5 jtag header on the backside of the pcb. 50/50 chance on that.