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"synth A OUT > midi splitter thru IN > midi splitter thru 1,2,3,4 > Synth B,C,D,E IN" possible?

Milica Kotaranin
I am using ProTools LE and I have Digi 002 Rack with 2x MIDI OUTS and 1 MIDI IN, on that I would like to connect My Akai proffessional MPK249 Controller that has USB, MIDI IN and MIDI OUT, Then I have Novation UltraNova Synth that has USB, MIDI IN, MIDI OUT and MIDI THROUGH and at last I have microKORG Vocoder/Synth with MIDI IN, MIDI OUT and MIDI THROUGH. I would like to use MIDI Primarily for all 3 devices I need help by having the KORG and Ultranova sound and MPK249 Controller being used as MIDI. Or whatever… Read more »
Frank Norden

very good, thank you! May be Iconnectivity mid 2, 4+ and 10 should be involved...

Kyrix T

WOW! You just made MIDI a whole lot more understandable. MASSIVE THANKS. I have been having issues with BiaB and Reason 10 with my new shiny Genos. On a hell of a learning curve though,

Tilley Road Affair Productions
HI there what a great video. I just bought a vintage XP-50 61 keys Roland synth and it does not have a USB port obviously but it does have midi. My question is: How do I connect this older synth to my interface (Saffire pro 40) and play it through Logic pro X? Also, I have the yamaha reface CS that has a USB port and a midi port which I would like to use as a analogue controller and sound designer. Any thoughts or ideas on how to make these elements work together would be really great! Simple and… Read more »
Get Get

7:35 that's an aswer of a question that i couldnt find anyway !! so simple but ty !

Danicko Gandia

Nice! What is the software you're using for the keyboard audio recording? Thanks

Anton Emmanuel

Great teaching from your Chanel I came to know what is MIDI thank you

Mad Mac 66

Nice one. I was about to request a video on midi patchbay, then boom, at the end you’ve already made it. Off to watch that now. Cheers


Hey I have Motif ES6 & a 88 key Casio that only has a USB port. The Motif also has a USB port, so can I use a usb audio interface to midi from the ES6 to the Casio?
The ES6 would be the master and Casio is the Midi controller.


I have a Fatar keyboard and would like to use it for practice. It has 2 medi connections only. I have found medi to usb. I would like to find usb to speaker connects. I would like to by pass computer and just play. Is this possible? If I could connect to stereo I could use those speakers. I need speaker connects for keyboard. Can you help?

Bike-N-Hike , Casco, Maine

Very well thought out video, thanks.

In The Mix

A brief overview on midi connectors, controllers, signal flow, connectivity and ports. Check the description for links to products used in this video.


@inthemix Could I avoid buying another MIDI interface by just daisy chaining all my synths from my computer as master, going through the thru's of my MIDI controllers? I'm thinking I could just select on each track in my DAW a specific MIDI channel for each controller, and then of course do the same on each controller?

Stefano the CAT

The best clear video on midi interface connections I've ever seen. Synthetic, easy, mainly clear. Thks very much


Thank you for telling the world that MIDI is used in DMX lighting as well! There isnt nearly enough information on that. I had to teach myself how to program the lighting for my band using MIDI and my Korg EMX-1. NOT easy.

cha boy

Sweet ass teaching skills and thank you for not being like a lot of other vids with the editing and stuff. Just straight up learnin over here. Thanks!

Will Who

Can you please do a tutorial on how to set up multiple desktop synths to one keyboard controller please? using a midi patchbay
All recorded midi and audio into a DAW?

ie. 4 desktop synths
     controlled individually by keyboard controller (i.e. novation sl49)
     how to route everything through midi interface (i.e. Motu express xt)
     record midi and audio data into DAW (i.e. Ableton live)