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Scott Glasgow Music

Keys on the MinilogueXD and silver minilogue are really just terrible and quite kids play useless. Going to go with Moog for keys and Korg minilogue for some sounds.

Artwerk Media

Been trying to buy a minilogue Xd for months... I think it’s vaporware... can’t find them anywhere.

Nandos Dan

I have a question. Is it worth swapping my Minilogue out for an XD?

Claudio Wiesflecker

The original minilogue is a good instrument but sadly it got abandoned by the engineers soon after it was released — there would have been a lot of stuff possible via firmware updates (as with the novation bass station) but nothing happened. It seems like korg is a very profit driven company and they don't develop instruments to their fullest potential just to be able to bring out a successor...


but why even if no key the cost is the same of key version? never seen before a module at same price of keyb vrsn


trying to remember where the progression at 5:03 is from lol

Rik Marston Official

Great video! I am looking forward to adding the Minilogue XD module to my set up. Can't wait to polychain them together! A++++++++++++++++++


Bo: you won't get coffee but A SIP OF THE COFFEE... everything 's falling apart in this world... 😉 thx for this video

ac sola

It cost same like keys ... Where is a sense of module version of keys synthesizers? /module is cheaper version of keys, unexpected — because there s no keys

Colum Nolan

You have made me want this. Sounds stunning

Richard Olpin

Surely when you're asking about poly chaining between the original and module you're simply describing layer the two rather than poly chaining? You can already do that with midi, likewise with playing different sounds/sequences on two XDs at the same time, you don't need to chain them to do that, just play the second one with midi from the first one...

Kris O'Neil

Would be clever if all of the voices were channeled to just one output on each unit, so you could still have everything on just one stereo-pair.

Kris O'Neil

Would be cool to polychain with the original Minilogue, but I guess it would be a problem if playing one of the new waveforms?


It's a bit bizarre that the module and keyboard are both €659 at Thomann. I tend to prefer modules since they take up less space (if you already have a MIDI keyboard), and are usually a bit cheaper. In this case the keyboard version looks like a better option, and it should have a higher resale value too.

I'm in the market for an analog poly, but I'm still leaning more towards the Deepmind 12D. The XD definitely has some advantages, but also more limitations — only 4 voices, no full ADSR for the filter, fewer modulation routings and effects.

rafique john

What with the holding cup of coffee...lot of utubers doing that...hate it...the idea is to look cool...but BOOORINGGG


It's out? I haven't even been able to get the key version of it.

Tom Lovelight

Great videos 🙂 About poly chain does it means with 2 xd,s you can make sounds with 6 ( 2×3 ) different osc settings ?

Curt A Hathawy

great video !! looks like fun product & only expect the best from Korg dont ever give up Bo we love you

Dietrich Kappe

I want more details about your coffee.

Joey mantin the j man Man

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The Doctor

I actually think the Poly Chain function should be the next Korg format. How they're doing with the digital oscillator.
If they do this imagine what you can do with the next ¾ poly synth from Korg. It's actually a slower way to build up a crazy synth.


I'm happy with my MS2000R (and many others.)

Buck Nature

Love the wallpaper! We almost did our kitchen in that paper. I love my minilogue too! I got one thanks to watching your videos about it. Bought it like a month before they announced the XD...oh well...so it goes. Also dig your videos and sounds, thanks! Keep up the good work. Love coffee too!

Sid Marbey


Should I pick the Minilogue XD over the DeepMind 12?

And why?

Sid Marbey

Is it true the Korg Minilogue XD sound metallic? If that’s true, could it sound warm with some tweaking and effects?

I feel like I need a synth that has a warm sound

Hugo Vinagre

lovely synth. such a shame that the step sequencer only has 16 steps. what use for 16 step phrases ?


sounds great , can it record parameter automation ?

jj rusy

I learned that buying the initial model of a car or synth is risky. here is further proof

John Omar Larnell Adams

It seems like a pretty good idea for the module it is like a sound module from the late 1980s or early 1990s with contemporary cues. Thanks for the video sir.

Pete K

I so love the sound of this synthesizer I haven't had 'g.a.s' for some time but this is so tempting now they've brought out a desktop version . Great video Bo ~ Lovely sounds ... btw I agree that it would be great to add poly-chain compatibility with the original Minilogue ...I would with out a doubt order one now if that were possible !


That first sequence very blade runner esc!

Jules Benci

you have the hands of a virgin angel dear sir.

If you want two XDs running two different sounds and arpeggios or sequences, why do you even bring up polychaining? Just play two XDs. As two synthesizers. If you want the two separate synthesizers to do two separate things at the same time, why are you even talking about polychaining? Chaining doesn't even enter into the discussion. That's kind of mental. Just play them as two separate synths. It's like asking how you can weld two trucks together and then have them deliver stuff to two different locations at the same time while they are still welded together. Basically, WTF… Read more »
HEY! Before you comment "why don't you just play the two synths together without polychain" let me explain. I seem to have been unclear in the video. This is because I honestly thought this was a pretty simple, but niche, idea. Polychaining commonly refers to you connecting two or more synths together combining the polyphony and playing the same sound on each device. There are two things going on: sharing the polyphony and sharing the sound settings. Now in this video I describe an idea I have: what if you could have the polyphony sharing but not the shared sound… Read more »
Sean Morrison

Hey Bo — If you want to layer two different sounds using an XD keys and module, just turn polychain off and set them to the same midi channel 🙂

William du'Soleil

Is everyone aware of the Orange Tree Samples GROUP BUY on now? It's 50% Off and will increase to 60% Off (with a few more people). All instruments. Some REALLY GREAT guitars, imo. Check it out.

Matthew Cody

The sound of the xd is so nice to me , ive had mine packed away and was jamming with other gear but hearing it on this has made me decide to get it out .

Chris Mitchell

Nice looking unit but the price is not an incentive especially when you get 8 voices for roughly €1300 (and all that polychain fiddling).
Why do they only give us 4 voices in the first place?
It has always left me wanting more...Useful chordings without too much voice stealing requires 6 voices upwards (PolySix, Juno6, DW6000, JX3P etc.etc.) Korg & Roland should certainly have learned this after 40 years of polysynth production...Or is it just a way of putting the carrot on the stick?


I'm happy that korg have now added a live transpose function to the mini & monologue, which ive always considered to be a de rigueur function with built in sequencers.

That's what is still needed for the XD, and then it'll be the dog's dangly bits!


why is this and the key version the exact same price!?

Homeworld Music

Kind of sucks that my Roland System 1m isn't enough, awesome though it is. Really craving the Korg as a Plan B, with or without keyboard.

Retro Plus

It sounds so good, and the polychaining is amazing...

Pete Urbann

So my mind is made up...Deepmind 12d it is.