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Gabriel Chiararia

Tone capture for cabs and guitars? That's New!

Eduardo Carvalho

Onde comprar...??? Onde comprar...??? Onde comprar...??? Onde comprar...???

Eduardo Carvalho

Ela vem com Os mini-Preamp...???
Provavelmente sim...

Andrés Bazán

La quiero! Mandenme una a México! @Mooeraudio

Leonardo Abisur Muro Corral

Wow that's amazing, the best multiefects

Charles White64

Great Playing! And Great Tones! Moore Is Rockin Great New Stage an Studio Gear! Most Awesome!

Art Alex

Молодец,женатенький джингушэн!

Burn Halfmetal

This looks the shit. I use the Pre-Amp Live and I prefer Mooer amp sims over both the Helix and the AX8. Can't wait to use this.


Now release a GE300p with a built in Baby Bomb 30 and I'm sold.

Artquant MindProject

i see this clip 2 month ago but after that it has baned


wow, my GE200 doesn't even have an on/off switch. that's a reason enough to buy this.

robson sakai garcia

Take care fractal and kemper rsrs


Lets have a tutorial video, play throughs mean less with the fact you need to show how patch setup is and hopefully there is a global volume so no up down between presets


Built in Snyth, Tone Capture on steroids for amp instrument and cab, an IR loader, MIDI connectivity. I think the ge 200 is one of the most fun and simple guitar units I own and this thing seems to offer all the things you could've wished for and more. I'm really interested in seeing what the tone capture will bring to the table. On paper it looks like this thing could potentially digitise your hole rig. We really need a ton more videos on this thing @MooerAudio

Andy Miranda

Muito escuro,
Nem da PR ver quem é q está tocando
Horrível até parece play-back

Guy Richardson

This lad could make a rubber band stretched over a matchbox sound great.