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Sascha Beck

Thanx for the overview! Looking forward to the next Videos. What about a shootout helix lt vs. ge 300? Greetings!

Michal Mikolaj Maslowski

Thanks, Glenn, looks promising!


I'm already torn between the GT 1000, the Helix and Headrush. And now this! Haha. Thanks for the info, Glenn.


Can it do spillover like Fractal Scenes mode and Line 6 Snapshots mode ?


Cool! Looking forward to your next videos on this board. Was about to pull the trigger on a Helix Stomp or LT, now this comes out. Interested to see how it compares. Thanks for sharing!

Dwayne Lee

Why does yours look darker than the others I've seen? the lighting?

Marco Miguel Cecilio Tansingco Cochero

Hi Glen! Is it safe to say that this is an upgrade from a line 6 HD500X?

Stefan Sjöberg

Thanks, looking forward to your upcoming videos on the GE-300 !

Mohit Rahaman

Can it be used as a MIDI foot switch controller?

Matteo Rinaldi

Great Video!!! One question. Is it possible to add for example 3 delay pedals in the same chain? Just for example.

Scott C

One thing's for sure, it's a great time to play right now! The downside is too many choices, but that's a good problem to have.


The interface looks nice. Now that I'm used to using my iPad though with the GT-1000, I couldn't go back to needing a computer to do all the adjusting. I prefer the external power bricks too. Makes the unit smaller and if you're like me and you've mounted the device to a traditional pedalboard, it's easy to stick the brick under something like a Pedaltrain Classic 2.

Christopher Sobek

I think the "Petey" amps sims are Peavey amps...Petey Satch would be the Peavey JSX for the Joe Satriani amp...etc ,not Pete Thorn models because i believe he just now got his own signature model through Suhr...anyway still a nice review...can't wait to get mine!!

Jon Jurgensen

Thank you so much for the review, Glenn. I just got my GE300 and it's got a lot of depth and features. I'm not too impressed with the presets, but I understand user patches will become available soon. One note: would you please consider leaving off the background music, Glenn? For some of us, it is REALLY distracting. (Especially Jazz music)