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Matthew Liset

Well done bruv. How did you get a residency at the sound lab? #

Big Nigga Memes

I think deadmau5 would watch this and shed a tear because holy fuck this is some good shit

Olecranon Rebellion

Sounds so amazingly good. Yes , the future was created in the 70s. Thanks Bob.

Enrico Cotulelli

this is the best example of electro and the power of Moog synthesizer played in perfection thanks for this beautiful piece of art

Clive Heeley

Dude, the Moog 55 can't hold a candle to Kosmo . IMHO It sounds weak compared to your modular system.

Thanks for Socializing

Killing it! Ive been wanting to get into modular for a while. Waiting this just gives me the FEELS! Keep killing it #thanksforsocializing

Reconquista Germania

Yeah, sounds awsome. I like synti-music. Do you have some more examples?

Almantas Šukelis

Digging the jam!! You're making this machine really buzzzz!!


Aaaaawwwwwsssooooommmmme. How does this only have some 110k views?


Wow! You're so incredibly A M A Z I N G !!!


Little known fact this is actually milli vanilli playing a kaoss pad and volca beats behind the camera

Samuel Mateo Rodriguez

I really like sam's neck movements XDD

Dave Mobs

getting tons of Tron/Daft Punk vibes...freakin' awesome!

Abdurrahman Özgür

There's a Space Echo and you didn't even touch it. Shame on you, you knob twiddling wanker