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Bd Lm

i was thinking that would make a good hat, and boom

doran stewart stewart

But here’s the question is it gonna rape my wallet

Ragnar Gundalf

potentiometers oscillate when you turn them,,makes me feel sick🧐

Critical Vibrations

It looks really bad ass with the orange knobs!

baleine renard

Hey, thanks for presenting this synth, it looks promising !
Nice hat by the way 🙂


Can someone recommend me a good entry level synth that isn't too expensive?

Space Cat Audio Technologies

What does is sound like if you add effects to the sounds? 🙂

Ziad Sidawi

is it any different from my 25+ year old Yamaha TX-81Z (with an effect unit)?


No open source or community like organelle. No buy

Ipadodds Chan

Nice 🙂 how many fx can you stack? For example does drive/distortion and/or filter eat up your only effect slot? Or can you have those things plus delay/reverb etc? Does it have a regular sampler engine mode? Or just the granular/wavetable engines? Thanks!

Breno Girafa

this is unwatchable. I was curious about this synth, but it’s impossible to follow this.

R.N Thenry

Jo Magpie😋 got lots of old keyboards and stuff questii ? Can

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A vslogs på av att han klantade sej å vänner hörde. Bara paff d skicka ut så fort. Så nästa focus. Plugga lekmanna juridik snappat upp mycket nu. Blir så om jag maniskt känner ett stort intresse

TeeBee 303

Pretty impressive . . Think I may need one . Great FX and sound.


you are thiccn't but your head was hottttttttttttttt


Simon! You did forgot about a magic hammer hit! (Roli 😉 )

Its a digital synth that sounds like a toy )) The funniest thing is the price of 500$ hahahaha )))Even 15 years ago I've throw in my virtual trashcan any VSTi if it was sounding like this toy )) Sonicware, are you mad? )) Who need this shit?If you're making a toy, don't pretend like it's a real synth! A fancy good case doesn't change sound. Even for a bit.Make a colorful case, a lot of flashy buttons, set a price of 50-70$ and you'll get a great mass toy for children! Parents will love your company!On pros: effects, the… Read more »

I was super curious about this box. I think I might wait a bit for development before full judgement. There is a lot of potential but it is hard to tell the direction of this instrument until we see updates that show what the company will make of this hardware.