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Can the strips be used to control Maschine performer fx?

Zygmunt Ziembiński

the important missing information is that M32 do not support win7, and this is great disatvantage for this gear, shame on you NI

Geek In Da Kitchen

You didn't make my choice any easier, now I am thinking M32, A25 and Arturia MiniLab MK2! Good video but


Kudos for the UNSC warthog! Also this is easily the best M32 review on youtube!


Too bad it doesn't have aftertouch. Only thing missing from making this keyboard a no brainer.

berni armstrong

At 3:00 the automatic subtitling states: "in addition you have some dog controls..." while the guy says DAW controls 😜
This looks like a great little keyboard to fit on my desktop to replace the rather unwieldy full size keys controller I currently use.

Gavin Kelsier

which keyboard controller do you prefer? Arturia minilab mkii or M32?

Daniel Funk

Hey what about FL Studio integration and using other VST's like Nexus oder Serum?


If you're going to compare the sizes of different products, you should probaly, I dunno, set them side-by-side...

Joseph Harrison

Excellent review Sanjay! I'm A Logic Pro User but desperately want NI Plugins and have a M-Audio Axiom 25 MkI, I want a better home studio controller, but was also eyeing the minilab mkII for a portable solution (laptop sometimes and even Ipad as well) should I opt for the Arturia then spring for the A49 when the time's write to get the best of both plugins and have versatility?

Gregor Tursic Sibenik

Can i connect this midi to fl studio

LoOol XxD

Great vid!
I'm new to music production especially making music for games "orchestral"
& I'm looking for a midi.
Will this work for me ?

MIguel Silva

...but no MASSIVE SYNTH like in "Komplete Select"... i'm disappointed 😖

Candiani Photography

How do I get my loops to sink to my logic x tempo??? If I try to mix diferent loops from different tempos I cant so far big problem because in apple loops etc many other software I can just drop them and the automatic sink is this not possible in komplete ???

piano MOXLEY

Do you miss the view windows on the keyboard
I really just need to navigate through Native Instruments row by the different keyboard for playing piano have any suggestions

Jay Ortiz

Which do you think is the better one the M32 or the A25

Milutin Krasevic

Hi Sanjay, thanks for the very good review. Question: I am using the Reaper DAW so I was wondering if the M32 would be a good keyboard/controller i.e a smart solution in connection with this software. I'd really love to have this NI keyboard 🙂

Charlie Edmonds

I assume there is a quarter inch sustain pedal input? Great review man. You’re a real pro


Please, how can I connect this to my iPad Pro 2018 ? I’ve tried a couple of USB-USBC connectors with no luck. Thanks.


Please I need some help : does this keyboard can control fl studio?

David Stevens

Do you know who supplies this keyboard in India?

Rob Vallozzi

just came across your channel lately... love it... your voice could also make a living doing ASMR lol


NO MENTION of fixed MIDI on the product page or specs page.
Anyone that wants to map CC avoid this product.
Only discovered after purchasing one. This detail is hidden in a help page. A one paragraph blurb. Failure.


can you not mappings CCs to the encoders? I just bought one for size and knobs. I can NOT figure out how to map the CCs...if I can't do this to this piece of shit...its gonna be smashed to pieces.


Thanks for putting this review together — I wanted to see if the M32 would fit the bill for me.
I keep an M-Audio Code 61 connected to my desktop, and I was looking for a 'couch keyboard' for my laptop. This looks to fit the bill perfectly!

Maurice Amaraggi

Excellent video. I just bought one. It was quite difficult to set it up with Live 10. Just a question, I try to use it to midi control some Vienna Instruments. The knobs start from CCU 14 on page 1. Cannot find 1 to 13. Any tip? Thank you.


Dont buy if you use Cubase. I did and other than the keyboard there is currently NO integration unless used via the Komplete Software. I cant even assign transport controls 🙁 It does say that support is coming soon but that could mean months knowing NI.

Michael Scheuenpflug

As always great video. Thanks. For me i definitly buy this keyboard and complete it with my maschine.


Hi i want to ask about the software since it is the one that interest me to buy this keyboard. Are the softwares really come with full version & full library? Like Maschine Essentials. I heard it was same as Maschine 2.0 Software,but it comes with smaller library to browse at. Really need to know what 6100 sounds and 10GB worth is, cause for komplete kontrol software & komplete start were already free without buying the keyboard, and i already have ableton live suite. Thanks btw

Vegas Video Events

Has anyone figured out how to use this keyboard as a remote to control the REC/PLAY, ETC?? Mine is not availible 🙁


Great review 👍. How about integration with Mulab? Would it be successful?

Charles Quansah

Hello Sanjay Great VId! Is it possible with the included software that comes with the m32 to chop samples and assign them to each key to make patterns?


You are great at up-selling. Start off with a $100 keyboard and end the video on a $210 keyboard 🙂

Karim Haimoud

sorry is that ableton live ? is it producer edition its not demo ?