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Christo Roppolo

I will definitely be coming in to this location and check out their stuff. Peace Christo 🎶🛸☮️👽

Christo Roppolo

Oh my that vintage Roland stuff in the background is gorgeous. Peace Christo 👽🐕🎶🛸☮️

John L Rice

Nice store tour video! Blake, Chuck and Noisebug RAWKS! 😉

Vadim Shinnik

My Prophet XL arrived) hope I'll be very satisfied. Because I didn't try, but with all confidence in Dave Smith and 8dio it suppose to be amazing

Bone Ray Tone Stack II

Noisebug is a wonderland of electronic instrument goodness hosted by the (as seen here) super chill Clay. Well worth the visit and I'm sure you'll find out as well as I have that it's also worth supporting once you experience the no pressure "sales" floor. I mean, how many shops in the world have a Moog One (among maaaaany other awesome instruments) that they let you play for over 45 minutes uninterrupted? I'm guessing here but probably not many.


I hope someday ya get see a concert at Noisebug.

Rik Marston Official

Thank you for the tour!! A+++++++++++++++++++++++


Fantastic showroom and people at Noisebug! Nice to see Gert roaming about too. Nice collection Chuck has. Waldorf Q+ . Oh my. I'm afraid Blake would have to call the police to get me out of there.

Robert Syrett

I love that moon modular guy. He was kind enough to make a presentation to my modular meetup group and was just so knowledgeable and generous.


Mr. Parker seems like a nice guy.
I guess the "noisebug" is a spider

Expanding Knowledge

We are talking serious cash here...WOW!!! Saw some pieces I would love to have,amazing collection,thanks for the tour!!!