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Jose Escobar

I don’t know what it is. The Bastion, Reinhardt, and Shimada brothers shorts tend to make me cry

Jamal Rose

When I first played overwatch I did not know that genji and hanzo are brothers. what do u think

John carlo Allardo

Now this is what i eanna watch a story of two dragons


this one is epic but reinharts is just emotional it makes me and the bros bros group hug whilst not spilling out beers

Delta pro

Hanzo:Real life is not like the stories our father told us you a fool for believing its own
Genji:perhaps I'm a fool to think there still hope for you but I do of that brother


Still the most viewed short.

Just like the short, the game never truly reached the heights it once did. Kinda miss the game's glory days. These trailers made the game and its lore look so vast, so interesting and then it underdelivered so much.

Katchy Nnonyelu

Me coming back after 5 months of not playing the game: oh hey this is pretty cool, mayb I'll get back into it
Also me: plays in terrible meta
Last time me: dumps game for 5 more months
I lied me: oh hey an overwatch short

Ej Studio

( true story )
I watch every once a month even if i have to skip my homework

But good day for every overwatch fans


"Biggest regret was thinking he killed his brother... Still points an arrow towards him when he discovers he's alive..."

Great storytelling, gg, see ya next match.

Axel Turrettini

Hanzo: I regret killing you brother

Also hanzo:turns into reaper die die die genji

Kushala Daora

”You risk so much to honour someone you MURDERED!”

I don’t know why, but that line is incredible to me. There’s just that sense of...Bitterness...? Which heavily implies that Genji was the brother that Hanzo “Murdered”. This just really hits home to me for some reason.

Aaron K

You Think You Honor Your Brother Genji With Incest Offerings!

dan 17000

Well, thats why Hanzo mains are so toxic...


This is the first overwatch video I've seen.It had a fancy imaging technique. I am satisfied with this.

Guy That Games

The dragon of the north wind


And the dragon of the south wind


Daniel Vuvu

2:00 to 3:00 is so emotion i played it like 50 times ;c

ThatOne GuyFTW

I may not play overwatch but i love this cinematic