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Paul Warner

Only 3 months! Wow great.
It's taken me 5 years to get to your level.
And I have private lessons once a week.

Chrystal Dollarhide

Great job April! Thank you for sharing your wonderful progress!


I just bought a piano and it's so difficult to get my left hand to LISTEN!! You just inspired me to keep trying! thank you!

Larry Blevins

Thank you for sharing your story April, you are very inspirational!

Franklin Francis

Sir please give the link to buying the eBook. Please please please 🙏🙏🙏

Gera Barbee

You go girl! You inspired me to finish my lessons! I kept telling myself that I was too distracted with my "busy" life... I am re writing the script. You are such a super star with 4 kids and a full time job! You just made a difference in my life. Thank you!