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Something I've noticed about Tulip is she thinks she's smarter than she is. She's aware of logical fallacies, but doesn't understand them. There are themes of Jungian psychology (which is more philosophy) throughout, and coming to grips with reality.


This video actually made me watch the show. Thanks Saber!


Overall, it was pretty good. I like how the train was pretty much Silent Hill.

Bernardo T. Schettini

Can you check this movie called Pinokeo 3000, wich is the story of Pinokeo but in the year 3000. And his a robot.


Those fucking dog/roach/leeches are some of the most terrifying things I have ever seen.

Trent Da Gamer

Anyone else notice how the infinity symbol is put in all these TV shows nowadays?Its in the Netflix series "Black Spot" and "The 100" its wierd and makes me want to know why it's like they are shoving it down our throats via media.

Benjamin Blackdeath

Star wars the clone wars was as well a mini show

Boots Fluffy

You forgot villanos although that's turning into a full on series

CrasherX 2000

Watched for the Corgis

Stayed for the amazing story

The amazing thing to me isn't so much that it's all about divorce. They mention it a lot, but notice how they never talk about WHY it happened. The focus wasn't on divorce but how someone deals with a problem or big change that occurs in their life (which could be divorce, loss of a loved one, even just stress and dealing with reality). These things tend to create feelings that make us want to escape from it all. The Infinity Train is a representation of escapism as well as a journey of escaping from that escapism. It takes us… Read more »

Over the garden wall was a amazing show.
I wish more show will be like that and not like teen titans go.

philly_ sports

If this show is what ends up filling the hole that Adventure left in both Cartoon Network and all of our hearts, then I'm 100% for it. This was truly amazing.

Dragon Master

The entire perspective of this video is watched through a mirror lol

N Long

So happy I'm not the only one who thought the orb was like the robot from Hitchhikers!

Jason Heightreck

This mans likes Over the Garden Wall which is boring af. And we let him review our shows

Galinn Arts

ive knowm about and have watched videos from you for a long time but never subscribed, so i subscribed today there you go 🙂

Monakaliza's Art

For anyone in Australia it's entirely available on the streaming service "Stan"

Mars Tea


Spencer Warren

After watching the first half of this video I binged the show, and am so glad I did. Definitely a must watch, can't wait until they release something else taking place in this universe.

Paris Cloud

How did I miss this upload?

Even more concerning: how did I miss that this finally released?

I've got something to watch now.


If I had a dollar everytime Saber said "divorce"

TheOfficial AshtonFrame

The optimistic and negative robot sounds like the robot from hitchhikers guide

Not 30 seconds later you said the same damn thing

Corbin Beebe

I was kinda interested... But then you said horror and I was sold. I wanna see it now


People in the comments are telling me that the show said it's going to return. I missed that part so that's my bad! The show has an interesting setting so I'm happy to hear that it might continue


My parents divorced when I was 6, so even though there aren't that many of them, my earliest memories are still their marriage falling apart. Regardless, your whole life changes all of a sudden, and sometimes everything just feels worse. It's easy to understand wanting things to go back to how they were and convincing yourself the past was happier than it was.

Cannon Litchfield

Did you wing this cause there was a ton of stuttering and pauses

Noah Lovejoy

Ok, but WHERE CAN I WATCH IT, I missed it on tv...

Grim don’t eat Pussy

I have it the worse. I’ve gotta switch from moms to dads house every week. And here these blessed kids complaining about being damaged from divorced while living with one parent, and the other gone.

Grim don’t eat Pussy

You forgot villainous the mini-series.