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Sal Paradise

I wish more depametnet stores would play stuff likes. Non intrusive, easy going. Instead of the mind rape of top 40. Ugh.

Dziaba Dziaba

perfect for playing minecraft and building
just perfect

Hiba.D Hiba

I always used to listen to this music every morning

hwg tv

Free copyright?? Plz comment now...i don't have a time...

TORO plays

Hahaha i was so unmotivated to do my little work. I plugged in my earphones and 10 min later i finished😂ty Jazz

편안한 음악 - Beautiful Relaxing Music

Who is here doing there homework but actually looking at the comment section. I hope everyone is having a great day 💝

Mom &Neiya

Looove this!yay finally a good chanel w 🎶

Lucas Will

Does anyone else listen to this to help them sleep?

Jimmy Kim

Walked into a lot of coffee shops playing this same track, how strange!

Valentine Fixon

Wow i imagne having my loved one on rainy date as we are in a cafe.


A term paper brought me here. Easy listening. I couldn't have concentrated otherwise. 😌

Macarronada com Queijo

i'm Brazilian and, i love jazz.
the movies with jazz, is very cool.

D&B Production

Picture yourself in your house while its raining outside and you are listening to this with a mug of warm tea and nice lighting...

Teh Magic Cup! And Stuffz

This is one of those videos where you cant see any hate towards it. (Well discluding the dislikes)

Samuel Scootz

Thank you for this lmao I have a migraine right now and I have a sore throat and my nose is stuffed badly. I am listening to this to try and help me sleep and it actually made my headache go down

Cosmic_BlackOut -

Sipping on some chocolate milk using AirPods

Bacardi Bailey

Laying on my porch swing watching the rain gently coming down. Perfect music. What more could you ask for. A beautiful day

Cafe Music BGM channel

The number of views exceeded 20 million!
Thank you all!!

TP Production & Lyrics

1:05:19 I think it is personally the best part of the entire piece. So good .

Mike Zip

Not “RELAXING”. This makes me want to pierce my eardrums with an ice pick. (Respectfully)

عالم غريب

God bless you.❤ this is heaven. Real artists don't need to use words to gives us beautiful and wonderful music. Nice work.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


I heard this on a hentai video I found on PornHub.

Robert Tullis

any better, and Donald Fagen would start singing. love it.

Poles l

I love the smell of a real brewed coffee in a coffee shop and the Relaxing jazz music...