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Nicanor Cornelio

Ahh kilograms... finally someone who speaks my language. Good for you Woody (Y)


It’s expensive for that kind of keyboard. But it sounds much nicer than my $120 Casio.

Tarcius T Sousa

Brilliant Woody!!! Wonderful playing and demonstration on a compact instrument, that sounds fairly good under your magic fingertips, your demos are absolutely amazing. Elimaika, my beautiful japanese wife, loves the variety of styles and your stunning performance, Great Job!!.


i think the Yamaha NP-32 is better similar product.

Floyd Steinberg

At the time of writing this comment, 3 people would rather prefer a stop piano. Great video, as always.

J Cesarsound

Surprising only the Wurlitzer sounded good.


I use it as a portable piano that I can take with me on vacation or to another room.
It runs long on batteries and it is great to play to some YouTube videos by connecting audio to piano speakers trough Bluetooth.

Ian Scholefield

hi Woody great review. love your vids. i’m really considering this as a total beginner, would the lack of weighted keys matter for me? also the fact it’s only 61 keys? thanks

Dinant Riks

Thanks for the video Woody! It would be great if you could do a 'beginners digital piano' shootout, with the Casio, Yamaha and Roland options you mentioned (so I guess latest models, up to 500). Or maybe demo some models that can be found second hand in that price-bracket as well.


Hi Woody. I'm looking at buying this keyboard (for rehearsing and just playing with traveling) as it is compact and I will be doing a lot of travel. Do you think this would be okay lining out to a keyboard amp or something similar? Nice video! Thank you!

Mister Jaroslav

I believe you are wrong. Keys on Roland Go Piano are not narrow comparing to an acoustic piano. They look the same size as my Roland FP-30. The size of one octave on my piano is about 16.5 mm. +/- 2 mm is OK.


I hate apps. Specially for changing settings. It's too fiddly when you are playing. I want all the buttons on the front.

Scurvy Dan

the cat scratcher wall decor is a bold choice.

Lou Cornacchia

I just bought the Roland Go:keys. I have a grand piano but i wanted to practice piano without others hearing me. I wanted a bluetooth so I could go wireless. I am not able to connect my Bose quiet comfort hear phones to the keyboard for some reason. I'm also thinking I should have gotten the go piano instead since I didn't want all the bells and whistles. Can you help

Joe Levine

I just ordered the Roland GO Piano. I had been considering the Yamaha NP12 Piaggero, but then I started reading that its keys were slightly narrower than full-size. It's anywhere between ¾ of an inch to a full inch, depending on who's measuring. That comes out to something like 4 mm in an octave. I imagine that width difference could get pretty annoying to an experienced player.


That is really bad advice for a beginner. After playing this instrument you will not be able to play on a piano. Stretching fingers and making them stronger is the first thing piano teachers do to a new student.

leandro zen pessoal

Hi friend! very good your video What about the weight of the keys? are heavier than those of yamaha NP12? and the texture of the keys? thank you!

Home One

The black keys don't look anywhere near as tall as on a normal piano

Thanks for your review. I am thinking about learning to play the piano again. I am a little embarrassed to say this will be my 3rd attempt. Once when I was in my early 20’s, again about four years ago approaching 50. I have always been drawn to the piano and could listen to piano music for hours. Anyway as years go by I regret that did not stick with it and make the commitment to practice. It’s kind of like people who buy exercise equipment with the full intention of using it everyday then in the very short while… Read more »

Bought the Go:Keys. Good sound and needlessly huge polyphony but I didn’t like anything else. Uses a reverse polarity pedal that requires a more expensive pedal, not fully midi compliant, no direct access to sounds, sound mod strip is almost useless, no settings memory (registrations) and many other weird things.

Sold it and bought the Casio CT-X800 for less. Much more useful. Light years more useful.

I have one. I bought it just to take to work and even for that it falls short. It's absolute garbage. I'm going to dump it for $150. It has a crappy synth action. It's just freaking springs and cheap plastic. It's difficult to control dynamics. If you just want to bang on the keys, fine. If you want to play in a pianistic style, good luck. Sure, Woody can plug it off but he's a KEYBOARD player with decades old chops. If you want to learn to play piano, this will keep you from doing so. It is NOT… Read more »
PianoMan 2018

Where did u get that stand??? I’m looking for one just like it! 😀

Jacqueline Waugh

Very good, thank you. There is also the 'octave shift' on it, up and down, Cheers...

Unruly Chad

Can the keyboard be slpit in two to play 2 separate instruments


I think if you are more of a piano player rather than a keyboard player you will want a better action than this, so once you get to say a classical Grade 2 or 3 standard you probably want to move up to something that's more like a real piano, say a Casio PXS1000 or Yamaha P125/515. So I would not recommend the GO if you are a beginner piano player unless you don't have the budget and/or space

Daragh McCarthy

I was hoping against hope that this one would be a weighted key number... In my head at at the top of the video I had already sold my large Kurzweil 88key and was zipping around playing thither and yon in my house and all about the town with it. We continue to live in hope. Thank you for this video.