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Marc Weerts

Great demo! Love the sounds coming out of that thing...


Beautiful synth and demo (as usual). The "Green Synth" era of Roland was one of my favorites. BTW, congratulations on your inclusion in the epic documentary "Land of the Rising Sound" by Alex Ball. A great tribute to Roland.

Randy Piscione

Way back in the 1970s, a friend who worked at a music store (I had bought a Rhodes Stage 88 from him) would get new synths in and loan them to me for a weekend to fool with and let him know what I thought of them. I loved this one, had a really great time with it. Wish I could've afforded to buy it at the time. Still have the Rhodes 'though.

Rik Marston Official

Very cool demo of the Roland SH-5! Rare for sure!!! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Luke Kage

This is an incredible mono synth. I really wish I could get one but I already have 3 mono synths. I can't justify it. You make this one sound so good though

Alex Ball

SH-5 is very cool. Full fat sound from the 70s Rolands for sure!


Beautiful Synth and great analog Sounds, nice demo 🙂

Expanding Knowledge

At the beginning of your video,I thought I was listening to Dick Hyman and his album Minatour,pretty awesome sounds!!!!