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Rogério Valgode Carvalho

EXCELENT!!! I was loking for this tip for a long time, and you made it so simple... I can use this as a way to automate sounds ON/OFF with the sequencer (turn on a sound for the verses, other sound to the chorus, and so on), something I can't do with Mainstage (it cannot automate things along the song). THANKS A LOT! I know I can also automate Mainstage with Logic Pro, but I think this is much easy to me 🙂

If you want to control several instruments from 1 track, you could also create a Monitor object, cable it into the channel strips of the instruments, select the Monitor, click the "Assignable" checkbox in the lefthand pane, and then assign the Monitor to a track in the Arrange window. Done. No IAC needed. And yes, that's basically what a Track Stack also does...Your approach is different in that it enables you to insert MIDI effects to control the connected tracks. However... what's the point of inserting 3 Modulators on your control-track to automate 3 parameters on 3 different tracks? You… Read more »