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Ge Ski

Nice progress on the various hardware projects

Carl Carlos
hi rich ...any news on rebpublia/paxcoin/grida ?? you had any contact with boris/daniel regarding this ??? the BTT thread is a shambles and as i subscriber for a longtime after seeing the review on this channel and at the time an investor in minexcoin i decided to go in on the ICO (worst 3BTC i ever spent) now they are silent on all social media and have changed the name so many times ive lost count at this point is it safe to say it was another scam like minexcoin was ??? waiting for a reply

Loving all of the hardware on display and seeing inside the hardware office. I was that was my job.

robert groves

The 5th generation of blockchain is at our doorsteps and it promises to bring us closer to mass adoption than ever before. I am sure AI will help blockchain evolve. Can only find Propersix which has come to market; what will this all means for the space? I would love to have your scope on this before i invest