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Demag Records

Another NAILED video! Straight to the point! Thanks a million

Dazza Direct

thanks for making this video, you explained simply and clearly in a user friendly way ;-] Rando recommendation from youtube brought me here whilst learning about communication standards and protocols, subbed

Iain Mackenzie

now you might like to know... even though I am unlikely to need this facility for a long time (as a newbie to SO) BUT just seeing things being used and moved around is really useful. just to see what SO can do and how to access stuff generally.
So: Thanks 🙂


I will tell you, just getting a decent tamborine track is a pain in the arse, so this works for me...no more using high end mics to record a simple track


😍Johnny, you do not have a weekend. You live for Studio One, no you live in Studio One. 😍