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Vlad Quake

@4:55 that clicking tho. Does it have the latest firmware?

Geoff Smith

The VCS3, ARP 2600, and Buchla Easel all had built in reverbs too~

Catherine Inman

Hey I’m pretty new to the world of synths and I was wondering out of these synths which would get me closest to a “radiohead” sound. I understand that, that is a pretty vague term but I’m interested in finding an affordable synth that can bring me close to that unique sound


Just checked their website. The mentioned prices are just bullshit or the prices have gone up again after broadcasting this video.


It appears the YouTube time-machine has posted this video 2 years in advance of the price drops

Funkturm Tokyo

sounds like a dodgy plugin — awesome ? start with the 1937 claviola and rediscover sound. i'd rather own one ems than 100 of these but maybe im retro

Funkturm Tokyo

if its all in one 808 909 etc etc might as well just do plugin since the true soul /character of each of those machines is lost- groove sound spirit. get the fender les paul gretsch 1950s1960s and a little 1940 all in one and play like jimi and sister rosetta all in one

Funkturm Tokyo

ok the moog is a little nice-but ill take the old school mini prodigy memory taurus and leave the big one to wendy

Jagoff PhD

Minilogue is probably the best deal. Was looking at one but might just do roland boutique instead.

Knuckles The Echidna

This video just reminded me of how much I hated my microbrute 😂


With the Minibrute down to $150, it's a great tool to have in your arsenal, and it makes a good midi-CV gateway.

Kort Kramer

Sweet! I wouldn't know where to start but love it.

Craig Jones

Imma buy you guys a table so you don't have to synth out on a guitar case.

Daniel Joseph Chiasson

Hope I'm not intruding, just seeking true friendships through music and peace; I'm a new Christian musician looking to put my guitar solo at the four corners of the earth, my heart knows it takes loyal enjoyers of my sound. I have another lead solo called One God One Faith on premiere, please support my solos, thanks.