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Most of the store videos are done by the same corporate product reps, so of course you won’t get an objective review. Sometimes they are mistaken about their own products; they could just as well be selling vacuum cleaners.

Bob Conway

2:09 — "And you know what? The truth is in the comments."
Couldn't agree more. Reading the comments is sometimes more than half of the fun, too.

Brent Valleywhag

One minute synth reviews is very un biased

Aaron S

In your opinion, which is your favorite analog modular?


Congrats on 2800 , 3000 is next ... the reason I started watching your channel was because I was fascinated with your collection! I’ve continued to watch because of your passion for the synth!! Do your thang Droneee...KEYBERT

John Richardson

One of the Great/Greatest topics thus far 🙂

John Richardson

Hard for me to check all of the official manufacturer forums (had a minor amount of time researching products I have purchased.) Just finished augmenting/organizing archiving 80,000 songs on my Ext. Hard drive


They are “influencers” not reviewers and synth manufacturers understand this. It is what it is.

Bob Conway
Good talk, JL. Sound advice.An additional way to be cautious with your synth purchases is to be a late adopter. Don't try to be the first kid on your block with the brand new Korgzweildorf 6700 Mk III 24-voice polyphonic 8-oscillator synth with 512-step sequencer. Wait until it has been out there in the field for at least 6 months to see what other people (the earlier adopters) have experienced with that machine. Are people still deliriously happy with their purchase or are they dumping these like useless cinderblocks on eBay? What are actual users of that synth saying? What… Read more »

Modular🙀 explosion of modular synths over the last few years created an explosion of review channels where everyone loves every module but few ever use them. 😻 I decided to skip that route and only demonstrate complex modular patches without fawning over any particular module. Very nerdy 🤓 but I have very few subs🙃 check it out 😌

Valid Core

The cycle of the reviewers getting the synth for free, make a glowing review, then getting more synths for free is so transparent. Don't trust ppl who get it 4 months before release make a great review to go along with their other ones.


I bought one synth without ever hearing it and a few effects units...I'm just so reckless sometimes 🙂

Angelstar Scotland

Plenty of good synth channels out there that give very honest reviews even when the company sends them the synth. I was interested in the micro freak until I saw “once upon a synth’s “ review. It s very easy to tell the ones who are just trying to get a quick sale. Geo synths is another who gives very honest reviews.

Howard Forton

Always be closing. ABC. Anderson’s are fair in their review. @andertonstv

Reviews are tricky, I've done some of them, especially comparing Synths I've made Patches for. I think it's common sense that Dealers who do them are selling the Product and like you highlighted, we watch them to get a taste of the sound, as we already pretty much know the specs that they will be narrating. There are the Independent Reviewers who get sent stuff to review and are part of the selling process, hence why manufacturers send the gear in the first place. Some have their own styles and methods, some go into lots of detail, alomost like a… Read more »

I do some synth demos and sorry if that comes across like a plug on your comments. My angle is to keep a record of synth I've owned and how they really sound. I also agree many many synth reviews and youtube channels are all getting free stuff and have lost their charm and honestly. Either way I like your blogs.

Bob Conway

ABC = Always Be Closing. A competent salesperson keeps her/his focus on closing the deal. Everything else that she/he says is geared toward closing the deal.


Awesome you mentioned zZounds. I love them!! Guarantee they will do everything possible to get gear in your hands. Honestly!


Ha, Let the Cat out of the Bag on This One — Synth Addict Here!

Carlos Molina

... Excellent Video !!! … Great info !!!
… Greetings from Orlando, Florida !!!   … Carlos. L.102 S 2.8K

Noiselab Project
I understand why sales representatives `lie by ommision` they`d be stupid not too but when independents fail to point out things that they don`t like about a Synth ( and there`s just about always something negative to say ) I cry B.S and it suggests that they haven`t bothered to even use it much at all or they are just sucking up to the company that made it. I like all my personal Synths but there is always something that I don`t like about them somewhere. I also agree that Nick `who comes from my neck of the woods` Batt… Read more »
Mark Orendas


Pure Ambient Drone
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Synthesaurus Rex

Got a Like & a Sub from a fellow synth tuber right there for this video. Being a synth & marketing guy, I absolutely confirm & support everything you're saying. 👍👍👍

Cameron Fanger

Excellent advice. Always try out new gear in person before purchasing. Don't rely on exclusively on YouTube demos.

Chris Ratterree

I love your channel. Glad I found you.

Mike Hydropneumatic

Try a synth out and look at connectivity/in/outputs.

Ergo is for everybody different.

There are two things I seriously hate, multiple menu diving and multi function keys/buttons.

synth geek

I have burned myself in the past, for buying the wrong gear, and not doing enough research for myself. I have had dealers sell me or try to sell me something I didn’t want. Thank you for sharing this.

Remi Moore

I am really glad I took the time to review some of the synths I bought. There was one synth that I kept running across that was mainly dealer reviews and when I found a synth channel with a real review I decided against it. I like an honest review and I have found many people can speak about the negatives without harming the product's reputation.


I like to wait for the less slick people to get their hands on the product.