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Are you from Belgium??
Ben je van België?? 🇧🇪❤️

Street Lord

Please can you tell me the type of studio desk you use?


Y’all mind checking my beats out id really appreciate it!!!!!🔥🔥🔥

Street Lord

You always inspired me. I love your studio by the way


Indexfinger was correct. I would've laughed if you said: Point finger. Because in Dutch we say "Wijsvinger" x)

mr jakknife

do u think beatstars is a good place to sell beats cause i hear some people say they dont get any sales on there


So this is just monkey-see-monkey-do. How will you learn music from this? The same song that you played at 6:30, say you had to play it 5 semi-tones lower on your own, how will you know which chord and which notes?

Alex Fdez Palacios

I am checking out the application and it is crazy. There are a lot of lessons and courses to do for free and recently bought a MIDI Controller so it will be very helpful! Thanks a lot!


try making a challenge of beat making only using akai fire without touching mouse and keyboard after selecting samples it will be fun 🔥🔥🔥


I have exactly the Midi keyboard from your thumbnail

Jassa Dhaliwal

hy bro I just activate the account on melodica there was plan 14 bucks per month and I chossed that 1 but after that melodica cut 179 bucks why can some one help me on that thk

Dsastre Ds3

like si hablas español y vez estos videos

taco 22

You should make this a series!! On goin thru tha gradess that would be dopee


1) have money
2) have money
3) have money


yo guys, check my beats, i need to know, whether it good or not

Chuki Beats II

Yoooo guyssss, really check this out haha, it's sooo usefull!!!
(sorry for the reupload I got stuck in traffic while the video was already scheduled without title/description/tags...)

Bobby Amos

Would this work with an akai mpk mini pro 2

jason simmons

That's awesome stuff brother ! I'mma look for this program lol

Sia misst

I just started learning how to make music using to studio demo. I wanted to try it out before I spent the money, and I have a laptop. Those are the only things I have at the moment and I just wanted to learn to make music first. When I found your videos... bruhhhhhhhh I would say you’re the top of my teaching list like I didn’t understand anything and now I do like “Hey! I know what that guy is talking about!” Type feeling lol awesome man


the catch is that it requires a monthly subscription :/