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Imagine using the inferior Weeb Kaga. What a shitter, you probably enjoy Naruto don't you.


#Denarmo4CC, because, who's the hell gonna do cv review other than his majesty denarmo


Can haku get this kind of torp pls?

2 drop per runs is kinda stupid in tier 10

Rar Eu

This montage made me feel so sad... I want my RTS Kaga back...

Player Slot Available

I don't get how people can claim GZ is the best Premium CV when this... when any of the other Premium CVs exist.


"trying to hide in smoke? how cute" ... the lack of Kaguya is dishonerable


Nice music choice tho...Kaga Misaki ( since the vid is about kaga anyways lol)

Battleship Haruna

cool cant wait for the other 3 premium cv vids

Nic Fiddesop

the dd pounding joke made me not only laugh but then hurt my soul as a dd main... bravo

Blue eyes white power

I dont know how but im pretty sure i got my kaga in either a small cial container or a british event container like a month or so ago and that is the only time ive gottwn a ship from a container outside of christmas, ita fun but im bad since im new and dont play cvs, so thank you for the review because i had no idea if it was a good ship or not


Next do the USS Enterprise and her 5 year mission of destruction


Blasting Kaga Misaki whilst feasting on DD's tears. yup thats me...I have found one of my people _

jerry dickerson

So glad I bought this OP beauty before they remove it its great knowing that its so broken and they really can't change it because people paid good money to be OP there is nothing I love more than to focus fire DDs and flanking cruisers to immediately send them back to the port or to the forms to complain about OP carriers and reworks


after rework moment the fuckin thing was availible to be bought again after its long absence of the premium shop, i got her and its the most fun i've had in a LONG time of playing wargaming's shit


oh my god im in the video, MOM GET THE CAMERA


KAGA 'was' best carrier until Five Fateful Minutes at 10:20.
it was fect before grey galloping ghost snapshot her citadel from behind.