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Have just watched the video of this film and found it fascinating and apalling together. But, as a musician, is there a list of the music played in the film. I know most of it but the bits that I don't are driving me mad!

Julius Mendoza

How can critics shower the film with praises (and went on to win the Grand Prix of Cannes) and yet they trash the very novel by Elfriede Jelinek (hypocrisies and double standards at its best) with which this film is based on? People would rather read nice redeeming characters when in reality it is far from that.

gay guy

It's simple. The film by the standards of film was good and the book by literary standards was bad. The two are different media and are reviewed by different critics. it's quite possible to take a bad book and turn it into a good film just like it's possible to take a good book and create from it a terrible film. There is no double standard at all.

Jean Gove'

I disagree. First of all, not all critics trashed the novel. Secondly, the book has amazing literary techniques, apart from its subject. It is slightly "experimental" in that it is almost a constant stream of though rushing from one character to another, but it works very well. It is clear however that there were many who objected to its subject — one of the Nobel Prize judges resigned, after Jelinek received the prize, due to the novel being "pornographic", which is just ridiculous.

Greg Fox

I cried laughing in a few parts, though I'm sure they were not supposed to be funny...

London Loves

Just finished watching it on recommendation of films like "Secretary"- oh.my.gosh...that was bloody depressing. Brilliant, but I'll never watch it again. 


The French are good and at times seem a bit obsessed with illustrating the worst things in society.    They are perhaps the best at it , tho it is often just disturbing more than enjoyable      


Damn it this is one hell of a movie. Maybe I'll get to the book but I am averse to reading fiction, heh.

Freddie P

Within the first minute of watching this film, you know it is going to end in disaster

Middle-Aged Women Fan Club

Lol the trailer makes this look like such a peaceful movie.

arika spring

My students should not watch this movie 😂


Why would he want to hit her? Awful. I've seen this film before, but it is a struggle to get through.

J. Célèste Kee

Don't be fooled by the genteel looking trailer. This movie has NO CHILL whatsoever.

Paul Smith

Odd trailer for a horror film. My mom and I thought we might watch it with my gramma based on this.


Can't believe she didn't get an Oscar nomination for this. Absolute robbery.


I highly recommend reading the novel by Elfriede Jelinek, although Wonderful, Wonderful Times is by far my favorite.


Vanilla people cant understand this movie greatness. Such a pearl.