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Foreign Lexi

Um no I dont have cds...I have Spotify 😁

Jenn Rossotti

I just experienced every single human emotion in 20 minutes. That was so powerful.

SinisterSnacklepuss GamesNetwork
Heres a quick method on how I learned sheet music [not all] but a decent understanding that advances ones inquiry on it: Before I began Piano; I had a Mozart piece in my mind from a movie I saw as a kid: I then watched a few people play it: I began the process of self teaching the rhythm; key awareness; and the notes but did not copy anyones hand gestures [I know I know] upon where I also found my own method of not using Thumb Under and instead empowered the pinky finger as it seemed to lack in… Read more »
Nikhil Deshpande

I don’t know why people like this ted talk so much, seemed boring

Crankill x3

Do not forget: with classical music played live always comes a person who coughs in the worst moments! like in 14:57

Jason Kenney

my dude is wearing Yeezy's before they even existed.

Mikail Raja

People like him is why I'm still alive... It was like I was watching The 12h Doctor talking the entire time.

Expliteron Boom

Lol, bullocks, I love classical music but it isn't the answer to our problems in this world.

Josh L

I got goosebumps immediatly when he started playing after he said think of somone

Sohail Saha

If I'm given the choice to go to any man before I die, he'd be on my mind...

The relation between classical music and life, this man just explained it in 20 mins. "None of us is deaf to the tones of life" is what he meant to say, and he did so, with such a deep, yet simple demonstration.

That's what classical music is...
"Deep, but simple".

TEEN can

Wat piece is he playing at 3:20 I just loved it, I have heard it before n want to learn it...


Powerful message. Thanks for sharing.

Carolina Gomez Ceron

One the best things that can happen to us in life is to find something that really makes us happy.
Benjamin Zander has a brilliant way of communicating that idea, is emotional, funny. With music we can convey wonderful feelings.
The message of perseverance and the shiny eyes makes this TED talk be my favorite.

Applause to the Musician

Certainly not dying as you mentioned, we have not seen anything yet.

Tad Strange

Absolutely brilliant. Nothing but respect for this man.

Michael Wong

I performed the E Minor Prelude so many times and heard it so many times...all the time trying to find out how to bring the sound out...the message. I found it when heard him played.


We need a better quality version of this video...

Vernon Dodo

I've had the privilege and the pleasure to be in one of his presentations. He's all this and more.

luiza bakumenko

Can someone answer me? Is there an E#, it doesn’t exist does it? There’s just an F, not a E#. Cause my friend is telling otherwise.

M Cárdenas

A little bit too rubato for my taste, but an amazing explanation -and performance- nonetheless.