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Love all your videos. By the way, you can spread the unison voices by setting the pan mod in the amp section to stack index 🙂

Israel Zambrano

Thanks for making this tutorial! Everything you explained was easy, clear and easy to understand... especially for a n00b like me 🙂

Developing Mind

It is really hard to understand what you say, your voice is very quiet.

Jon B

I really loved the Massive tutorial videos, but this one seems to move super fast and not really cover stuff the way the Massive videos did? I'm just getting super lost?


im trying to follow the video but my version of Diva doesnt seem to work the same


ah ok... in my version its up next to the preset window


to start, i have a preset loaded, and i dont see any multicore button

Antony Q Parker

Thanks for this monumentally helpful video

Mario Santos

Good compilation of all the videos. One question: why not make this course available for download on your site in 1080p like you did for the Spire and Sylenth ones? I'd get it in a heartbeat when I get Diva which is soon 🙂