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Georgy David

pls make a review of behringer uphoria audio interface

Hamza Black

do i need an AUDIO INTERFACE or the usb would do ?

DaVinci Gaming

may be a stupid question but im gonna ask anyway... but do you need batteries? or does it plug into the wall?? how does get power?

Jaime Almeida

How has this controller hold up with use, any faults or working flawlessly? Great video btw 😉

Gabi Roque Studio

I was not expecting this to get this many views................ I did NOT put a lot of effort into editing this if you can tell LOL. I'm now releasing much better content jsyk

Mahdi Farid

You look sooo kind :), you are a free spirit i liked the video soo much. Thank you <3

PrathipKumar Ramalingam

hi... I am new to this midi keyboards... Please help me... prathip4@yahoo.com

Hernan Reynoso

So cute I just get the same now I need learn to play I never touch a piano lol 😝