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Speedy DTM
Very interesting unit. I'd pick one up if I found one for cheap, though I don't think I'd pay much more than $40 for it, especially since it seems to have some sort of low pass filter applied to the output. The highs don't sound as rich as, say, a PC-98 or SoundBlaster 16, both of which feature no filters applied to the FM sound coming out of their chips. Still, though, until we get some sort of homebrew program with MIDI support for the Mega Drive, this looks like the BEST way to get immediate feedback from a 4-op… Read more »
Daniel DeMayo

Own one...never really used it lol. Seemed like the coolest thing at the time but I have no clue what to do with it now. Need to get the editor going.

Nothing quite like FM. I got my Yamaha TQ5 at the end of 1990 and it was not in vogue by then. Acid had brought twiddly-knob analogue back, samplers ruled and complicated stuff like Roland's LA and Korg's AI synths made FM sound quite one-dimensional and easy to dismiss. But it's a great platform for building sounds and a dedicated box like this is so much more fun than a soft-synth. Now you need a period-correct multi-fx like an SPX-90 or a Midiverb!Had the DS podcast on down at the shed today, so whilst I was digging away in the… Read more »