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rahul agarwal

He remembers the full piece. Omg you have taken over Beethoven

Denis Epshteyn

Since when is rape allowed on youtube?

Stephanie Jill Sitler

🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💙💙💙 killed it

Kyle Wattenburger

Ain't going down til the sun come up!!

Bill Roasts

This guy is an excellent pianist. He should have had a huge crowd around him 30 seconds into his performance, but sadly people just walked by as if nothing special was going on. This video illustrates not only this man's exceptional skill and talent, but also the apathetic mindset of people today.


Everyone’s talking about how hard it has to be to play that (which it surely is), but I’m wondering more how you get the inspiration to make these songs... hell it has to hard

David Christopher

Didn't know John Travolta was that good of a pianist

Jacob F

I've seen amazing and such talented amature pianist...but u can see the difference in a professional here...geez man, such talent and skill. Props!

Flamingo Mingo

Shoutout to that first kid that stopped and payed attention to him

Flamingo Mingo

Youtube recommendations have been getting exceptionally good lately


Looks a bit like Mickey Rourke when he still Looked like Himself.

Henri Herbert

Thanks for all the positive comments! I am recording a live solo piano album at The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 in New York City on 8/21/2019. All ticket holders get a free download of the album when it is released! Tickets from https://seatgeek.com/henri-herbert-tickets/new-york-new-york-rockwood-music-hall-stage-3-2019-08-21-7-pm/concert/4849489


Robert Jones

Walking through st pancras statio saw this piano and then searched "Piano Train Station". And here someone is killing it on this same piano.

Carlos Rojas

That Joseph Gordon-Levitt sure is a talented fella


нефига себе уровень бог ! какая у него моторика жесть . Аж мурашки по коже это сильно !

Just Me

He's enjoying, i love it when a professional musicians enjoy what they are doing😊

Camerino Mancilla

That guy just played the fuck out of that piano

Steve Barrett

Wow, wish I could play like that, superb!