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Amai _zing

You hit on both of these on SNKRS?!?!?! 😮

Daniel Kleinmeier

Of course. I will Neva buy kaepernack endorsed products... no need to splain

Remy Williams

I wish you would stop that nappy reference. It's offensive


What's the deal with these tags (I'm talking about other shoes as well)?

Roberto Romero

Just another hype shoe. Nike should work on innovation instead of all this “hype” “Colllabs


Hes Kicks
Just wondering if you could do a review on the Jordan 1 mid Quai54 (2019) thank you 🙏

Amai _zing

Love the white because it’s also got that pale ow blue color and more hits of different colors

Dev D

Would look so good without the spikes. I hate them with the spikes theyre stupid

All About Nat

My fave shoe of the year! Need all 3 in my collection, they're so comfortable!

Chernobyl Tech Guy

Cut off the spikes and remove the outer laces on one pair

thomas slotemaker

it feels like walking on a slippery surface


people will wear anything with Off White label, i wish he did some cleats and see how many people will wear them causal

Rich Mestas

I got the green pair in .5 down and it fits perfect. I have a smaller foot (7.5 men) and the 8.5 woman is fine

Martin Kočnar

Can someone do video making these look better? (fixing the spikes on outsole)

Derek Vela

I'm selling mine for $210 brand new. Size 11.5 men's 13 w. I don't have anything to wear it with.

Dylan Davison

He adapted the outsole to be a track shoe while using the same upper silhouette as the trail version


I honestly don't really notice the nubs when walking. Have worn them about 4 or 5 times, and haven't had any fall off either.

Jonathan Skrt

What can you tell me about the sizing?
Having 43 1/3 (9,5) on my yeezy 350 v2, I rly want the Terra, but idk what size tho

Frank Li

Thank you for the sizing info, that's exactly what I'm looking for.


I WOULD Love to get one pair of those Offwhite x Nike Terra Kiger but I have not enough money and I think it gets more expensive the longer I wait.


Overtime the spikes will get rundown, and I will be fine with them. I don’t really care for reselling these, plus I doubt they will resel

Hes Kicks

YO! If you didnt see i posted a TON of crazy sneaker deals on my site today! 30% off adidas and 30% off finishline codes worth seeing! link in description to see!

James P

When you walk your foot shifts again once u have put all ur weight onto the spikes. It’s a comfy shoe but deff feels odd. I don’t regret buying though

Jordon Fiddle

I’m gonna say it. Off white makes the ugliest variations of shoes I have ever seen.


Of course I copped the least profitable size 14W
Edit- I ended up returning them because no one will even buy them for 160

Rune Dhondt

i did a review on the green colorway ☺️☺️ and today i received the white colorway! my opinion is that they 🔥🔥

Caezar SomethingWicked_F5_Turbo Martinez

Well with all
Most reviews, from the most followed youtubers of a bad review on feet feel .So I can cop all three 😂 if you wear for a day they feel great . Most comfortable shoe I own by far. Like a vapormax you have to get use to them . Your foot won’t roll and the grip is insane . Do a week on feet test . Then tell us what you think 🤔

Lucca Parolo

Michelle Jenneke? Weird reference to a 2012 semi-MEME