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Acoustic comparisons:


1:20 Roland Stage Grand

2:48 YAMAHA Imperial (Bösendorfer)

4:15 Roland Deep Concert


Where did the polls go? My favourite part... 😭


After trying both very good stage pianos, Ilast week I went for the key action and better piano sound of the Kawai MP11SE. The CP is amazing for its purpose (stage), but I was underwhelmed by the sound as I missed the Piano details. Thumbs up for the video, great job!

Mark Landes

@21:09 Cringeworthy. That Leslie is awful! Hopefully it's tweakable like on the FA series.


Honestly, they both sound great. In this comparison, the Yamaha is maybe a little better, but you need to remember that the Roland has about 20 times more sounds on board (60 vs 1200), so you have a good chance of finding one that you like a bit better. For example, the first Roland piano isn't my favorite. The Roland sounds are very tweakable too. The Roland also has an exceptional action.

Owning both, I use both, but the Roland is my go-to piano, usually. You wouldn't go wrong with either one.


Trank you for this nice comparison! What i miss there (especially for Rhodes and the Wurly samples) a little bit is how they sound if you hit the keys really hard. I find it important for a Rhodes sample how it „barks“ and for this, your playing is to soft. But you are a very good player, indeed.

JSHN Music Channel

Epic comparison with these two Titans , Rd-2000 & Cp88 are excellent sounding Stage Pianos , we need more comparison vids ,
Keep up the good work 🙂