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Sahil Gautam

Whole video last past was awesome... with those two cartoons...

Russell Labat

Just goes to show you, it's not the quality of the instrument...it's the talent.

Rick Hunter-Wolff

Tired of latency on my laptop synths. This keyboard rocks...but there's a learning curve!

Chris L

This presentation makes a refreshing change from the norm. It's great to hear some of the functions often overlooked when demonstrating this type of instrument. We all know we can play it in the usual way but there are only so many times we need to hear Spanish Eyes for example. Great job. Very entertaining.

L Hill

Awesome vid ! I just ordered 1 of these ! I'm excited to get started with this. Thanks for the review 👍🏿

Neuronic Ita

What's the difference between ew410 and ew400?

asif syed

which keyboard is the best psre 463 or psrew410

André Zani

Qual é melhor teclado: psr EW400 ou EW 410?

Manuel Foguete

Sadly, it's only possible to sample via aux input. You cannot fine tune a sample/loop, on your pc, and load samples. It is a propriety format. Somewhat mean from yamaha. Returned the thing. Boo.

Black Swanson

Is it possible to download new styles to this keyboard?

Judson Christudas

Excellent Demo which covers almost everything about the new keyboard technology from Yamaha. It also gives a hint about the upcoming keyboard features.


Anybody know if there's midi sequencer software that comes with this keyboard? Some years ago I use to use Jazz++ Midi Sequencer with my Yamaha DGX-205.

Leonard Szubinski

Forget this video! Demoing hip hop slop and disco!! You suck wigger boy!


Hello, thanks for you video
can you help me with a recomendation.
i am interested in learn piano and dj.
the DGX 660 can be used like Dj how the PSR ew410 or they are two diffrents things

if yes, the keys GHS are a problem for that?

thanks in advanced


You can use ear buds for the aux jack right?


I have bought it... But please help me to know how to make it like a synthesizer and get a whole bunch of new techno or trance sounds so i can make my own trance compositions ❤🕊🙏🙏 please help me

Julián Alarcón

Some body can tell me ¿What's the name of the song in the minute 5:10?? Thank You!!

Myk Dubz

just remembering the PSR47 I had back in the 90s which was not entirely on the same level lol

Александр Антонов

классно глумитесь, парни)))


Can this work with mainstage 3? In other words as a midi controller?

L Hill

I've had mine for about a year, and never got into it. That's gonna change 6/21/19 You guys are dope ! I'm inspired.