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Henk Scheerooren

Thanks! This Yamaha is my solution to be able and go connect my iRig USB to play the SYNTH ONE synthesizer.

Erwin Cepeda

does this work with the arturia keystep? arp and sequencer can be used with it?


Does the transmitter charge up or does it have to be connected to the wall all the time? If it does have to be connected to the wall all the time, then it rather seems to defeat the point – the point being to be wireless. Your keyboard is now tethered to the wall instead of your iPad – big deal! ...... or am I missing something here?
Thanks for the video which got much better when you started playing!


Hi. i see, you use Ipad Pro. Great. I wand use similar, but only some piano, pad sounds and scores, nothing else. Instead of real midi sound module. What do you think, which is the cheapest Ipad that can still be used normally for this? Thanks.

Angelical Alma

How do you get your piano to connect with the power off/power on button? I have the Nektar se49 and the gx61 and cannot get either to work. It says connected but then theirs no sound and the ud-bt01 auto shut down soon after. My akai 25 keys works though (no off/on button)... By the way I'm using garageband.

David Cuny

If you want to be completely wireless, you can use a phone power bank instead of plugging it into the wall. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmC41MeNc-Q for an example.

Maucoli Pianoman

Is it both receiving and sending midi datas?

Adam Greenwell

Well I guess I am going to have to buy this for my DGX-650. I'm hoping I can use my lightning port on my 8 plus to send out audio via the headphone dongle. We shall see.

Popi Toys - Música Infantil

Hi John! Thanks for this video!
I have a question I hope you may be able to answer. I'm looking for a solution to connect midi wirelessly to my Windows 8 DAW running Cubase pro 9.5. Is there something like this on the market?
I already did a comprehensive search and haven't been able to find anything. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance John. Best!

Jeffrey Reid

Mr. John Mike I have brought the product well for whatever reason it's not connecting Bluetooth to my iPad I don't know how long you have to charge it for it to work can you please help jazzy Jeff want to be a musician

John Mike

Just when I thought I had reviewed all of the Bluetooth Midi devices on the market this one pops up! This is a great solution for those that have regular USB midi keyboards with no 5-pin midi sockets and it's only $49! Half the price of the Puc+! Get It Here: https://amzn.to/2TcE5Gs