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Arenz Suiza

Hope to win Airjordan 1 Defiant"couture"❤️🔥

Arthur Senecio

Yeezy's and Jordan's Hype is far different than any other shoes


Jhay BaguioTV

I love the 700's but the colorway is really not for me, but setting things aside this one is still a comfortable sneaker to rock.

sairie olayvar

ganda talaga pag black kahit anong style madaling pormahan

Rowell Hinampas

I can't deny that yeezys now a days have the same touch or I should say same color blocking! 😑 Make some loud or different touch Kanyd like you did on the OG Wave runner! #LifestyleAndSneakers
IG: @rowellhnmps

The Weekdays

This looks good too but I prefer Vantas 🔥
ig: iamarcothegreat

saimon martinez

any shoes basta black ang colorway ang astig
IG: monsai19

katelyn martinez

my fav color is black kaya kahit anong shoes basta black i love it

Josh Blancaflor

This is one of the sickest and most comfy shoe.

IG: joshblncflr

Sonny Tang

I think the Utility Black is one of the best Yeezy 700s
IG: sonnyt80

Chester Cucio

I watched sir carlo's review, utility black is so dope 🔥 black really comes along.

IG: chexmcc

Troy Cape

my favorite shoe among the giveaway is the Jordan 11 Concords. Thank you!
IG: troycape

V Vii

Watching this also on repeat using this 2nd account

Vee Villar (FB)


Mike R

Hate that they look similar to the muave. I want to sell mine

Ferdinand Hernandez

cross my finger for goodluck

JD Ice

This style is much better than the inertia and i really do hope i can win my favorite jordan1 defiant couture 😔 #lifestyleandsneakers
IG: jdmalic

Mark Joseph Arcega

I like the accents and specs of Yeezy Boost 700 Utility Black 💕
Especially when the lights hits the shoes. 🥰
IG: findme_invincible24k_

Sherwin Jay Baladad

The gum sole of Utility Black gave the sneakers more dope.
IG: sherwinjaybaladad

Justine Valderama

oof another yeezy?! well as expected a lit vlog from sir manuel HAHAA
sana mapili...