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lost time

the phrase in English is "so far, so good" not "as far as good". you now owe me one German phrase lesson 🙂


Why aren't you using your Index controllers with your Pimax?


They done some new updates after you played, and as i sad with knuckels its great, never tested beatsaber but hard to se it feels better 🙂


Play it with knuckels its great almost feel like cheating and show when you play Limbo can upload it for you or show you were to find it 🙂

Annenouk xx

This was the most anticipated Quest game for me. But I could not wait ofc and tried the Viveport version. First rhythm game ever that got me sick instantly. For me Rhythm Defender was a pleasant surprise. Only 5 euro full price and lots of fun. If this gets to the Quest it will be a serious Beat Saber competitor for me.

Alexandr Gnedash

Thank you for the video, pretty interesting game i should to try)